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Attending the Crisis of Leadership

Attending the Crisis of Leadership

Day school leadership, especially headship, confronts all kinds of crises: regular school crises, driven by finances or parents; short tenure (averaging 2.5 years); limited pool of qualified applicants; and an impossible workload with little room for family life. These articles analyze aspects of the problem and offer remedies that professionals and lay leaders might implement in their schools.

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Where Consciousness Meets Community: Clues from Camp about Jewish Leadership

by Alex Pomson Mar 09, 2012

Building upon the articles in the winter HaYidion, Pomson looks at Camp Stone, which has a remarkable track record in cultivating Jewish leaders, to explore the principles of Jewish leadership as applied there.

Developing Leadership Competence and Commitment: Project SuLaM

by Todd Clauer Mar 09, 2012
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RAVSAK’s Project SuLaM is an example of a leadership program that cultivates the “whole leader”: it develops leaders’ understanding of and commitment toward Jewish tradition, while providing ongoing mentorship in Jewish school leadership. SuLaM serves as a model that schools should look to as they groom their own leaders.

The “All Chiefs” Crisis in Education

by Erica Brown Mar 09, 2012

Leadership relies on a culture of trust and respect. Brown urges day school leaders to engage parents and other stakeholders in creating a school culture where leadership can thrive.

Finding a Speaking Voice

by Barbara Gereboff and Joelle Kaufman Mar 09, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: LeadershipBoard Governance

Heads are the public voice of their school, the Communicators in Chief. They should study, practice and prepare for that role in the same way that they study curricular design and financial management. Here are some tips to get started.

In It for the Long Run: Keys to Head of School Longevity

by Cooki Levy Mar 09, 2012

Levy, a retiring long-term day school head, shares the lessons that have helped her stay focused, successful and sane over her career.

Boredom: The Real Crisis in Leadership

by Bruce Powell Mar 09, 2012

Powell urges school heads to avoid making the school sound like the prep school down the block. Instead, he argues, draw inspiration from Jewish tradition and history to create a compelling story about the school.

Leading Through Crises: A Midrash on Two Lives

by Laurence Scheindlin Mar 09, 2012

Two of histories greatest leaders, Abraham Lincoln and Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, have much to teach us about the limits of policies and the surprising value of crises.