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Bold Ideas

Bold Ideas

Dream big! Sample a mix of current programs and blueprints for new initiatives, all dreamed up to be “game-changers” that can reconfigure day school education and possibly exponentially increase the impact of day schools on students and the Jewish community.

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Bursting the Jewish Bubble

by Rebecca Voorwinde May 24, 2013

As a director of the prestigious Bronfman fellowships, Voorwinde believes that some of the most powerful learning happens when day school teens encounter their Jewish peers from other schools—for their mutual growth.

A Community Day School for the Whole Community

by Nicole Nash May 24, 2013

Nash describes the highly ambitious project that her school undertook to provide a variety of Jewish family programming and education for underserved Jews in their catchment area.

An Orthodox Track: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Community

by Avi Weinstein May 24, 2013

Especially in smaller communities, community day schools often have complicated relations with the local Orthodox population, which usually sends children to day schools but can be demanding about the Jewish content. Here’s one model to make that relationship succeed.

Day School as Hub of Adult Jewish Education

by Sara Heitler Bamberger May 24, 2013

For parents fully to buy into day school education and serve as ambassadors for it, they need to understand it and value it for themselves. Bamberger provides one model of a program that gives adults the joy of shared Jewish learning.

Beyond Denominations: Expanding Pluralism in Day Schools

by Eliana Lipsky May 24, 2013

In the Jewish world, the term “pluralism” tends to be thought of primarily in denominational terms. Lipsky urges schools to recognize other forms of difference and empower students to own and explore them.

Hands-on, Inclusive Education: Building a New Future for Jewish Day Schools

by Andrea Rose Cheatham Kasper May 24, 2013

”Hands-on” is not a classical description of Jewish pedagogy, yet it is increasingly valued today in all educational settings. Kasper ups the ante, envisioning a school that is intensely hands-on and Jewish at once.

Child-Centered Jewish Exploration

by Rebecca Milder May 24, 2013

”Child-centered education” sounds great on paper but is not easy to put into practice. Here’s a description of how one recognized practioner school goes about it.

Good & Welfare

by RAVSAK May 24, 2013

Mazal tov to these newly appointed heads: Susan Siegel, B’nai Shalom Day School, Greensboro, NC; Sharon Pollin, Community Day School, Metairie, LA; Adam Tilove, Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island, Providence; Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School, Toronto; Lee Buckman,TanenbaumCHAT, Toronto; Jeff Davis, Tarbut V’Torah, Irvine, CA.