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From the Desk of Susan Weintrob, RAVSAK President

by Susan Weintrob Issue: Teacher Retention & Development

The upcoming RAVSAK conference in San Francisco promises to have joyful reunions, professional networking, and helpful workshops. Our conference is a time to learn from each other and from national experts.

Community at RAVSAK has always been important. Community is more important now than ever. During these troubled economic times, we will come together to learn how to keep our institutions strong. What can our own communities do—inside our schools, within our towns and regional areas, and as a strong and strategic national organization?

The value that our schools bring to students, families, and communities is crucial to the growth and strength of the Jewish people. Articulating this value to our families and donors now manifests the priorities of our people. We should tell every parent, “If you ever make an investment, make it in Jewish day school education. No matter what happens in the economy, you will get a 100% return for your investment. No outside factors can affect this outcome.” What other investment can give us this return?

If Jewish education is a “must have,” we must strategize now. We must plot a road that will take us to our goal: challenging education that inspires Jewish lives.

The changing dynamics offer us an opportunity to look at building sustainable institutions. We want healthy schools that continue to tell a story that is compelling and persuasive. We want our parents and non-parents to view us as a community asset and an investment in the future.

At RAVSAK, as in all of our schools, we invest in the Jewish future. Now is the time to come together, inspire each other and return to our schools with new ideas and strategies to help us remain healthy and strong.

See you in San Francisco!


Susan ♦

Susan Weintrob is the President of RAVSAK and the Head of School at the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School in Foster City, CA. Susan can be reached at sweintrob@wornickjds.org.

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Teacher Retention & Development

Teachers are the most precious resource of any school. The measure of a great school is its ability to recruit and retain great teachers who know their subject and craft, care deeply about all their students, and are passionately committed to their own development and the school as a community. Here, find guidance for finding, preparing and evaluating teachers, and keeping them happy and productive stakeholders.

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