A three-part experience:

December 7:  Live Gathering #1
December 8-16: Asynchronous Teamwork
December 17: Live Gathering #2

What have we learned? What might we do?

The coronavirus pandemic launched unprecedented educational experimentation for Jewish day schools and yeshivas. Practically overnight, school leaders and teachers redefined their roles, how teaching and learning happened, and how to engage their community to meet the needs of the moment - and have been evolving ever since. 

Join colleagues from Jewish day schools and yeshivas across North America for a three-part learning laboratory. Reflect on the changes of the past year and - together with your peers - explore trends, share your experience, and leverage what you have learned to shape the future. 

To ensure that the learning lab works for you and your school, we ask that you come with a partner - a teacher leader or administrator from your school to join in the learning and support the application after the experience. Registration will be limited to 30 schools.

The Leveling Up process features three phases: Investigate, Wonder, Crystallize

Phase 1: Investigate
Live online gathering on December 7, 2020
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM ET
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT

Kick off your experience by learning about the latest trends in educational thinking and explore the changes your school has made within the context of your personal and school values. Gather data, impressions, and information in small “homeroom” groups with other educational leaders that will help guide your work going forward. The ideas generated in each homeroom will be aggregated and shared with all participants.

Phase 2: Wonder
Asynchronous personalized work from December 8 - 16, 2020

Analyze your qualitative and quantitative data. What could the data mean? What might you want to try? Prizmah will provide a playbook of independent reflection exercises to help you explore your COVID-inspired experiments and identify a key focus area for the next school year. You and your school teammate will also have a 45-minute coaching call with a Prizmah facilitator to help solidify your thinking, and identify a proposal to workshop with your peers on December 17. 

This asynchronous work, including the coaching call, will require 2.5 - 3 hours of your time between December 8th and 16th.

Phase 3: Crystallize
Live online gathering on December 17, 2020
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM ET
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT

Turn your key focus area into a blueprint for action. The core of the gathering will feature consultancy groups, where you will present your plan to peers and gain feedback and ideas through a structured protocol. Learn from the successes and challenges of leaders from other schools and gain an accountability partner to move your ideas forward. Make a plan to apply and implement what you’ve learned in your own school.

Program Commitment

To make the most of your experience, each school should send two educational leaders to participate actively in all three phases of the laboratory - both participants will register on the same [LINK]registration form[/LINK]. Sessions will not be recorded, as the live sessions on December 7 and 17 are participatory, and both experiences will be spent primarily workshopping ideas in small groups. 

You will leave the laboratory with a crystallized blueprint of next steps for you and your team.

Registration Fees

Prizmah Network Schools: $180 for a team of two participants
Non-Prizmah Network Schools: $225 for a team of two participants

Participants from Canada, enter the following codes in the discount field to receive Canadian pricing:

Canadian Prizmah Network Schools: $135 US per person (Code: CADNETWORK)
Canadian Non-Prizmah Network Schools: $168.75 US per person (Code: CADNON)

  • For participants from the US, the registration system will automatically charge you the correct price based on whether or not your school has joined the Prizmah Network.
  • For participants from Canada, please check this list to determine whether you should use the network or non-network code.