what it is

Prizmah’s Governance & Fundraising Academy (GFA) is an 18-month-long program designed to increase a school’s financial sustainability. By building a strong culture of philanthropy that combines best practices in governance, professional leadership, and fundraising, GFA will help transform your development professionals and lay leaders into a high-performance team. GFA's curriculum is constructed around two in-person workshops, virtual trainings, and 70 hours of individualized coaching. GFA offers the essential support a school needs to significantly expand their fundraising capacity. 

who it is for

GFA is designed for schools with a stable leadership team that is committed to making the program one of their highest priorities. Participants include both professional and lay leaders who are ready to strengthen their development and governance efforts through intensive collaboration.

how it benefits schools

GFA is focused on results. To that end, participating schools can expect to graduate from the program with:

  • a long-term development plan tailored to address each school's needs
  • an active board development committee
  • a development committee engaged in major donor identification and cultivation activities
  • an annual fundraising program that is truly donor-centric and not simply focused on implementing an annual dinner
  • strategies that will enable the cultivation of special donor segments, including alumni and grandparents
  • clear and meaningful cases for support
  • a compelling storytelling approach for solicitation, board cultivation, and marketing to highlight what’s unique about your school


Full price per school: $35,000
The AVI CHAI Foundation subsidy: -$17,500
Net price per school: $17,500*

*The cost of the program is payable over two years. 

how to get started

Learn about the impact of GFA

In order to assist you with the application process, click here for a PDF version of the application. Please note this is for reference purposes only. The application link is above and will need to be completed online.

"The magic of the GFA training transformed our school, our board and our ability to do more than we ever imagined.”
-Ayelet "Ellie" Lichtash

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