The Arts in Jewish Education

Summer 2008

The Arts in Jewish Education

About This Issue
HaYidion The Arts in Jewish Education Summer 2008

With innovation recognized as a premium for all education, the arts need to be taken more seriously, plumbed for pedagogy and curriculum, and integrated into the classroom across the curriculum. The arts represent distinct disciplines with their own histories and methods. For Jewish studies, they offer a vehicle for student interpretation, a different entry point into Jewish text and tradition.

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Articles From This Issue

  • Letter from London: A Welcome from the Jewish Community Secondary School
    Michael Phillips
  • Bookcase
    RAVSAK Staff
  • A Word from the Editor
    Dr. Barbara Davis
  • From the Desk of Susan Weintrob, RAVSAK President
    Susan Weintrob
  • Widening the Learning Circle
    Debbie Krivoy
  • Putting the Arts into Jewish Education
    Dr. Ofra Arieli Backenroth
  • Photography: The Door That Connects
    Zion Ozeri
  • Cultivating Young Jewish Artists
    Rachel Happel
  • Music Education in Jewish Day Schools
    Daniel Henkin
  • From Day School to JDub
    RAVSAK Staff
  • The Art of Bibliodrama as Experiential Learning
    Peter Pitzele, Ph.D.
  • Jewish Folk Art Traditions: Cultural Identity and Personal Expression
    Jennifer Kalter
  • An Ideal Shidduch: Schools and Museums
    Gabrielle Rabin Tsabag