Attending the Crisis of Leadership

Spring 2012

Attending the Crisis of Leadership

About This Issue
HaYidion Attending the Crisis of Leadership Spring 2012

Day school leadership, especially headship, confronts all kinds of crises: regular school crises, driven by finances or parents; short tenure (averaging 2.5 years); limited pool of qualified applicants; and an impossible workload with little room for family life. These articles analyze aspects of the problem and offer remedies that professionals and lay leaders might implement in their schools.

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Articles From This Issue

  • The Leadership Recruitment Challenge: Expanding the Pipeline
    Daniel Alter
  • Preparing Our Next Professional Leaders: It Takes a Community
    David Edell, Dara Z. Klarfeld, and Josh Elkin
  • Developing a Theory of Jewish Day School Leadership
    Michael Berger
  • The Classroom Boardroom: Lessons from Wexner
    B. Elka Abrahamson
  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • Building a Diverse, Philanthropic and High Functioning Governing Board
    Elizabeth Jick
  • Leading Through Crises: A Midrash on Two Lives
    Laurence Scheindlin
  • Leadership Giving: The Board’s Role in Your School’s Financial Future
    Diane Remin
  • It Doesn’t Have To Be “Lonely At the Top”: Developing High Functioning Leadership Teams
    Marc Baker
  • A Beit Midrash Model of Lay-Professional Leadership
    Yonatan Yussman and Maureen Dewan
  • Boredom: The Real Crisis in Leadership
    Bruce Powell
  • Olami / Personal Essay: How to Survive Cancer at a Jewish Day School
    Rhonda Rosenheck
  • In It for the Long Run: Keys to Head of School Longevity
    Cooki Levy
  • Finding a Speaking Voice
    Barbara Gereboff and Joelle Kaufman
  • The “All Chiefs” Crisis in Education
    Erica Brown
  • Developing Leadership Competence and Commitment: Project SuLaM
    Todd Clauer
  • Where Consciousness Meets Community: Clues from Camp about Jewish Leadership
    Alex Pomson
  • Relationship-Based Leadership: The JFNA Approach
    Rachel Ain
  • Ramah Provides Fertile Soil for Lifelong Leadership Development
    Mitchell Cohen and Debbie Nahshon
  • Developing Leaders, Not Replacements
    David Cygielman
  • Leadership from Within
    Betty Winn and Larry Kligman