From the Editor

Barbara Davis

We Jews have always sought a network; we have always looked for connections. A Jew alone is not a Jew. We need a minyan, a community, we need to be part of a group of landsmen, to be part of klal Yisrael.

The 21st century has provided us with the technology to make this networking more efficient, more effective and more widespread than ever before. This issue of HaYidion will bring network weaving to your schools in ways that will enable you to fulfill your mission in newer and better ways. The articles contained in this issue include full definitions and explanations for novices like me (who did not know that “network weaver” was an actual job category) to the more savvy who are already Google-eyed, blogging, twittering, crowdfunding, ustreaming and wofooing.

I believe that this issue of HaYidion is destined to become well thumbed, and that it will be an extremely valuable resource for heads of schools and board members, not all of whom are comfortable or even knowledgeable about the Jewish community of the cloud. As Jewish community day schools venture ever further into this brave new world, we are ever more grateful that RAVSAK, our very own network, can serve as a guide and facilitator. I am sure you will enjoy the scholarship and features in this exciting issue, and they will inspire you to great things as we begin a new year.♦

Dr. Barbara Davis is the secretary of RAVSAK, executive editor of HaYidion and head of school at the Syracuse Hebrew Day School in Dewitt, NY. Barbara can be reached at

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