This issue looks at ways that school stakeholders experiment to use their time more effectively or in service of particular goals. Time is considered one of the “commonplaces” of education, something assumed to be as unchanging as the classroom walls and the sports field. There are the daily schedule, weekly schedules, and annual calendars; calendars for development, admissions, sports, assemblies, and more. And then COVID-19 burst into our lives, ripping up all of those calendars, throwing our best-laid plans out the window and challenging us to recreate them as best we can, in the eye of an ongoing storm.

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Spring 2020
HaYidion Time Spring 2020

Articles From This Issue

  • In the Issue: Time
    Elliott Rabin, Editor
  • From the CEO: Standing Together While Apart
    Paul Bernstein
  • From the Board Chair: Hands on the Present, Eyes on the Future
    Yehuda Neuberger, Prizmah's Board Chair
  • Getting Rid of the Grand Gala: Lessons for the Field
    Deanne Etsekson and Melissa Rivkin
  • School Schedules that Reflect Values and Priorities
    Lena Kushnir
  • The Advice Booth: Making Virtual Recruitment Real
    Amy Adler, Director, Enrollment Management, Prizmah
  • What If? Teaching Young Children Skills for Their Whole Lives
    Jessica Kohn
  • Time Out Puts Learning In
    Nina Bruder and Fayge Safran Novogroder
  • Prioritizing Parent Engagement
    Michelle Barton
  • If Not Now, When: Connecting Jewish Concepts of Time to STEAM
    Vanina Sandel and Zvi Weiss
  • Creating Times for Spiritual Connection
    Jethro Berkman
  • Commentary: Leading Like Firefighters
  • Z’man Ivri: Jewish Time, Jewish Tongue
    Jeremy Benstein
    Ari Segal
  • Prioritizing Time on the Board
    Gail Berger
  • Preventing Teacher Burnout: Use Your Time Where it Really Matters
    Faun Zarge
  • Where Does the Time Go for Jewish Day School Leaders?
    Arielle Levites, Tamar Rabinowitz, Suzanne Mishkin
  • Resetting the Clock
    Tikvah Wiener
  • Time Management as a Tool for Confronting Academic Pressure
    Brett Kugler
  • Jewish Identity: Goal or Mirage of Jewish Education?
    Interview with Jon A. Levisohn and Ari Y. Kelman
  • On My Nightstand: Brief Review of Books that Prizmah Staff Are Reading