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Back to School Social Emotional Resources 


Back to school resources to help students prepare, adjust and handle going back to school during the COVID pandemic.


Resources and guidance, from NASP (National Association of School Psychologists), the federal government, and other agencies, offer guidance and suggestions for local education agencies and schools planning re-entry following C-19 closures.


Trauma and crisis resources for coming back to school during covid from


7 Tips for Educators Returning to School During Covid-19 from 


Prepare your kids mentally for the transition back to school from CNN.


How to help kids handle fears and gain independence, back to school anxiety during COVID from the Child Mind Institute.


How To Help Your Child Adjust To Going Back to School This Fall: Helpful tips from a pediatric psychologist from the Cleveland Clinic.


Back to school resource collection from the Mental Health Technology Resource Center includes resources on supporting staff and student mental health and guidance for school re-entry.


Burnout busters: 5 strategies to help school leaders combat pandemic fatigue from K-12 Dive. 


Prizmah curated back to school social emotional resources from 2020. Includes resources for Jewish day school professionals to address student and staff social emotional needs during the pandemic.