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Coronavirus, Judaics/ Kodesh, Informal Education
Recent Notes Judaic Administrator Check Ins: Ongoing meeting notes Judaic Administrator Check In Archive Meeting notes on...
Coronavirus, Experiential Education, Judaics/ Kodesh, Jewish Life & Law
Notes from the Rituals from Afar meeting on 8/25/20 about preparing for the chaggim during COVID-19.
Social Emotional, Student Well Being
Parents: Help for parents of children who have been sexually abused A guide for friends and families of sexual violence survivors...
Thought Leadership, JDS Research, Affordability Other, Schedules, Annual Campaign, Finance & budget, Other
At Prizmah, we believe that when Jewish day schools and yeshivas have access to relevant data about peer schools it helps school...
Coronavirus, Student Well Being
All of us are thinking through creative ways to make best use of our school’s space in the Fall. Watch this conversation with...
Coronavirus, Schedules
Video and slide deck from 6/4/20 webinar on school schedule options.
Over the past week in Seattle, fundraising galas, dinners and luncheons have been cancelled at a...
School Policies and Procedures, Student Well Being
I write this article about time as we are all on coronavirus lockdown, when time has come to be...
STEAM, Student Well Being, Coronavirus, Judaics/ Kodesh
Pricing and discounts for schools are included with each full description. Click more info below to find this information. Aleph...
Fundraising, Fundraising & Development, Coronavirus
On March 18, 2020 Prizmah hosted a conversation with Prizmah Generations Coach, Amy Schiffman that uncovers strategies to...
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