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Human Resources, Professional Leadership, Research
Head of School base salary data from DASL compensation section. This information is based on data collected from 69 Jewish day schools and yeshivas based in the US and Canada.
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Finance & Budget, Fundraising & Development, Prizmah Thought Leadership, Professional Leadership, Research, Teaching and Learning, School Policies and Procedures
PRIZMAH'S FIRST ANNUAL YEAR IN REVIEW, A SURVEY OF THE FIELD OF JEWISH DAY SCHOOLS AND YESHIVAS. This report examines how Jewish schools performed during the pandemic year, with sections on learning models, enrollment...
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Professional Leadership, Teaching and Learning
Ben Jacobs and Barry Chazan are joined by Rebecca Schorsch and Hillel Broder to discuss "18 x 18," a blueprint for Jewish education that proposes areas of knowledge and experience that Jews should obtain by the age of 18.