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A “network” is not a static affiliation; it suggests a brightly flickering web of filaments, ever-changing and forging new links. Networks are also increasingly the mode in which individuals operate daily and through which they receive information and collaborate on projects. Discover ways to conceive of and practice networked learning among school stakeholders, between schools, and reaching far beyond for professional and personal growth.

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The Right Technology for Reaching Your Audience

by Kevin Martone Sep 04, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: CommunityTechnology

Online media are generally complex and flexible tools that can be used in multifarious ways to meet your needs. Some strategic tech planning can increase success dramatically.

Using Facebook to Build a Connected Community

by Debra Askanase Sep 04, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: CommunityTechnology

As Facebook’s IPO shows, the bloom is off the rose. Everyone’s on it; most are disenchanted. Here are ideas for making the original social media tool work for schools.

Crowdfunding Strengthens Your School and Community

by Naomi Leight Sep 04, 2012

Crowdfunding is an exciting new tool that has the potential to do much more for your school than make money —though it can do that in spades.

Networking for Better Understanding Among Jews

by Aliza Gershon Sep 04, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: IsraelCommunity

Tzav Pius pioneered the use of the network to promote dialogue and advance social change in Israel. They’re now taking that model to the 2.0 level.

Building a Network for Israel Education

by Gaby Kleiman Sep 04, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: CommunityIsrael

A network can be proactive in identifying areas of common need and creating programs collaboratively to address them. This article describes an ambitious initiative.

Personal Learning Networks

by Meir Wexler Sep 04, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: TechnologyPedagogy

Teachers can use social media technology to create a learning environment fostering their own continual professional development.

Networking Millenials Through Peer Engagement

by Graham Hoffman and Abi Dauber Sterne Sep 04, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: CommunityStudents

Hillel’s success at transforming its image and impact on Jewish students through its adoption of a networking model has potential for replication by day schools.

Good & Welfare

by RAVSAK Editor Sep 04, 2012

Mazel tov to new heads of school: Alina Gerlovin Spaulding, Akiva Community Day School (Nashville), Rabbi Allen Saks, Hillel Academy of Broome County (Vestal, NY), Amanda Pogany, Luria Academy (Brooklyn), Chaim Heller, San Diego Jewish Academy, Dr. David Finell, Rockwern Academy (Cincinnati), David Prashker, Shoshana S. Cardin School (Baltimore), Dr. Donald Zimring, Brandeis Hillel Day School (San Francisco), Einav Symons (interim), Kadimah School (Buffalo, NY), Jamie Cluchey, Levey Day School (Portland, ME), Kathryn Davis, Eleanor Kolitz Academy (San Antonio), Laila Lipetz, Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School (Toronto), Lara Samuels, JCOSS (London), Mia Severin, Akiva School (Montreal), Miri Ketayi, Jewish Community School of the Desert (Palm Desert, CA), Noah Hartman, Cohen Hillel Academy (Marblehead, MA), Pam Cohn, Friedel Jewish Academy (Omaha), Peter Greenberg, Kehilah Jewish Community Day School (Hamilton, ON), Dr. Rennie Wrubel (interim), Milken Community High School (Los Angeles), Rhona Birenbaum (interim), TanenbaumCHAT (Toronto).