Prizmah offers many opportunities to learn about and experiment with new classroom approaches and pedagogy for both incremental and game-changing ways to support student learning.


We believe lifelong learning should be an enriching, engaging, and fun component of any school community. Research shows that next to parents, teachers are the most important adults influencing student development and success. Investing in professional development is an investment in the success of your students, the growth of your community, and the values of your school.

Allowing for teacher input and choice maximizes the benefits of professional development. We recommend identifying areas of need and learning-readiness with your faculty to ensure buy-in and participation. Once you have identified the area for growth, reach out to Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch, Associate Director for Educational Innovation, to discuss how we can support your school's professional development goals.

Here are some topics we have developed with schools in the past:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Professional Learning Communities, Teacher Learning Communities
  • Mentoring and coaching for school leaders
  • Creating and maintaining a positive school culture
  • Research for Better Teaching - High-Impact Teacher Teams

We are currently working with schools in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mexico City, Montreal, New Jersey, New York, and Ontario. Contact Rachel to discuss adding your school or city to this list.


Prizmah and Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration (AGS) present a School Counselor Certificate Program. This 9-month ONLINE program provides an opportunity for school counselors from Jewish day schools to convene, learning from experts in the field of mental health and wellness, collaborating on best practices, and developing a community of practice.

*Registration for the upcoming cohort has closed.


 Join a cohort of educators for a learning adventure exploring the expertise at a peer school. Delve into topics such as meeting the needs of ALL your learners, different models of learning including problem-based and experiential, and more. Click here to read about our past summer learning hubs.


Join one or more of these Reshet groups focused on Educational Innovation:


A Prizmah Collaborative is where Jewish day school professionals come together from different schools to achieve specific goals around a particular educational question over the course of a school year. Guided by an educator facilitator from Prizmah's Educational Innovation Team, the focus of their work is on school improvement and giving the best possible learning experience to every student while learning and collaborating with educators who have similar priorities.

In a Prizmah Collaborative, school professionals share ideas, work samples, challenges, and successes through virtual and/or in-person gatherings, online resource sharing, and opportunities to learn from experts.

PRIZMAH KNOWLEDGE CENTER Click here to explore resources related to Educational Innovation. Don't see what you're looking for in the Prizmah Knowledge Center? Reach out to Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch, Associate Director for Educational Innovation, to let us know. We're always happy to provide educational resources tailored for you and your school.
PRIZMAH PODCASTS Prizmah Podcasts consist of conversations that delve into issues from contemporary education and scholarship, exploring how Jewish school leaders reflect upon leading trends and ideas and bring them to life in their schools.

Participate in a webinar series on assessment, differentiated instruction, and professionalizing our teaching methods and standards. Click here to learn about our upcoming webinar series on coaching teachers to teach chaggimas a student-centered activity.


More Prizmah Collaboratives on topics such as continuing education for guidance counselors, training assistant teachers,  working with parents as partners, or another topic that is meaningful to your school.

For more information on our work in this area, contact our Associate Director for Educational Innovation, Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch,