Coaching Institute

Leadership can be rewarding and invigorating, complex and challenging, and sometimes lonely. Our day school leaders who have had the benefit of individualized coaching can attest to the transformative effect that it has had on their careers. With the weight of the school on their shoulders, our coaches give leaders a lifeline of support where they can access knowledge, connect with the resources they need, work through key decisions, reflect on challenges and successes, and, most importantly, feel understood in an objective and non-judgemental space.

Board Fitness

Prizmah and BoardSource have partnered to bring the Jewish day school field subsidized, customized packages for assessing and improving board performance. These services feature a Board Self-Assessment tool and follow-up training with Prizmah coaches based on your school’s results.

YOU Lead

A leadership development program for school professionals who aspire to deepen their leadership capacity for roles that they hold now and will hold in the future. YOU Lead combines asynchronous online learning and intensives, cohort building and 1:1 coaching to support the development of capacities and dispositions that are central to effective day school leadership.

Leadership Search

For schools looking for a new head of school or principal, our placement team will find the best match for your school by establishing a timeline for the search, optimizing the search committee, and preparing a communications strategy. Together, we will define the opportunity and develop an ideal candidate profile that will strategically market your school and the chance to lead it. We will implement strategic recruitment practices to attract the best candidates and design and support a thorough interview and smart selection process to identify the best candidate.

Professional Development