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Size Matters

Size Matters

In the Jewish day school ecosystem, schools can range from a few dozen students to more than a thousand. How does school size impact education, school governance and administration? Articles in this issue address a range of challenges and successes found in small day schools, while looking at the issues large schools face as well.

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Dear Cooki

by Cooki Levy Jun 09, 2014

Within a 50 mile radius of my school are a number of other Jewish day schools and some private, independent schools as well. I am discovering that young and talented educators with great potential start their careers in my school, where we nurture and train them, and then accept positions in other schools in the community, when the possibility of career advancement appears.

From the Editor

by Barbara Davis Jun 09, 2014

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Mark Twain

Sizing Things Up: Two Leaders of Large Day Schools Share What Works

by Shana Harris and Cathy Lowenstein Jun 09, 2014

Two leaders of large schools in Canada exchange reminiscences about their careers and thoughts about the components that have enabled them to succeed and their schools to thrive.

Leading Large Jewish Day Schools: Seeking Answers Together

by Mitchel Malkus Jun 09, 2014

Malkus, a new head at one of the largest American day schools, has undertaken an initiative to engage leaders of large schools in a discussion to share challenges and successes. Here are some common threads thusfar.

Tuning the Choir: The Multicampus School

by Geoff Cohen and David Ginsberg Jun 09, 2014
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This section features articles about the challenges facing large schools. In this first piece, the authors describe the administration of the largest RAVSAK member, Cape Town’s Herzlia with 10 campuses.

Endowment A Strong Base of Funding for the Future

by Lynn W. Raviv Jun 09, 2014

Raviv portrays the different ways that a school endowment can strengthen a small school. Besides sustainability, endowments can drive educational growth, community building and much more.

A School Grows in Washington: Insights on Opening a Second Campus

by Ronit Greenstein Jun 09, 2014
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The move from one campus to two solves space issues while challenging a school’s sense of unity and intimacy among students and faculty. Greenstein describes changes and innovations her school developed to meet these challenges.

A Primer for School Growth

by Daniel Alter Jun 09, 2014

The joy of watching a day school grow comes with a great many challenges that are often unanticipated and difficult to prepare for. Alter offers a roadmap based on his school’s own navigation of this process.

A Small Jewish Community with a Big Educational Impact

by Raquel Katzkowicz Jun 09, 2014

The Jewish community in Quito, Ecuador, has found an original formula for preserving its values in the conception of its day school: combining top-level education for all with a distinctly Jewish secular atmosphere.

Jewish Learning for What?

by Jonathan Woocher Jun 09, 2014

The letter C appears to have assumed an especially prominent place in discourse about education today. There is, of course, the Common Core, the latest attempt to define and implement a set of national standards for what students should know and, even more importantly, be able to do with that knowledge, with a strong emphasis on so-called higher order thinking skills. And, there are, in various configurations, the four (or five, or six, or seven) Cs that name critical “21st century learning” skills, items such as creativity, collaboration, curiosity, communication, critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding, and others that have been suggested, seen as vital for students to be able to thrive in a rapidly changing world.