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Teaching Tanakh

Teaching Tanakh

Tanakh (the Jewish Bible, Prophets and Writings) is the cornerstone of Jewish tradition; but how do we take our most ancient text and make it come alive for contemporary Jews? Read how educators deploy an array of methodologies and pedagogies to unlock the treasures of the Tanakh for today’s students.

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Bayamim Hahem Bazman Hazeh: Teaching Nevi’im and the State of Israel

by Jeffrey Schrager Jul 21, 2012

Almost alone within Judaism’s large canon of sacred texts, the books of the Prophets present exemplars for the modern State of Israel by depicting the travails of a sovereign Jewish nation on its own territory.

Innovative Tanakh Programs in the Land of Milk and Honey

by Howard Deitcher Jul 21, 2012

Learn about some of the larger trends and structural issues that impact Tanakh education in Israel, as well as some innovative programs recently developed that are worthy models of emulation.

To Teach a Subversive Canon in a Digital World

by Avi Warshavski Jul 21, 2012

Warshavski assesses the dramatic challenges of online Tanakh education, and the unprecedented opportunities that it affords, by referencing key precedents in the history of biblical interpretation.

Constructing a Love of Learning: Constructivism in a Torah Classroom

by Benjamin Czeladnicki Jul 21, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: Jewish StudiesPedagogy

Czeladnicki finds the constructivist educational philosophy to be essential for Tanakh study and offers several exercises that exemplify this approach.

Of Rabbis and Rebbes Studying Torah Texts for Meaning and Jewish Identity

by Rabbi Tzvi Berkson Jul 21, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: Jewish StudiesPedagogy

In considering the different goals that schools have in teaching Tanakh, the author sees two primary models, one based in the acquisition of skills, the other oriented toward an engagement with meaning.

Teaching the Seventy Faces of Torah

by Ziva T. Reimer Jul 21, 2012

The author advocates for using Tanakh to cultivate “cognitive pluralism,” the ability to hold two or more conflicting interpretations in mind without rushing to choose a “right” one.

Redesigning Tanakh Curriculum to Meet Our Students Today

by Batia Dragovetsky-Nemirovsky Jul 21, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: Jewish StudiesPedagogy

A leading Jewish educator in Argentina approaches the problem of the Tanakh’s relevance to students today by putting biblical sources in dialogue with songs and writings from contemporary Israel.

A Reform Approach to Tanakh Education

by Eric Petersiel Jul 21, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: Jewish StudiesPedagogy

The author shows the way that a Reform school approaches Tanakh, informed with resources from ancient Near Eastern scholarship and comparative mythology as well as within Jewish tradition.

The Torah of Relevance: A Dinosaur Deserving Extinction

by Eric Grossman Jul 21, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: Jewish StudiesPedagogy

In broad strokes, this article challenges the field to question the mantra of “relevance” or at the least to broaden our notion of what would be relevant to our students.

Never question the relevance of truth, but always question the truth of relevance.

Craig Bruce