Unpacked for Educators Collaborative

Year-Round Engagement

Through the Unpacked for Educators Collaborative, a community of schools will connect for professional development, networking and expert support. During the year-long partnership program, educators will engage with the Unpacked for Educators leadership staff, the Prizmah team of educators and each other through engaging and content-rich monthly webinars, curated educational materials, and facilitated collaboration to advance your school’s educational goals on Israel education.


Transforming Your Israel Teaching Experience

Unpacked for Educators believes in the power of media and experiential learning to make classrooms come alive. We supply teachers with the tools that they need to help enhance their students' learning by sharing our library of premium video products, feature films, podcasts, articles, programming and resources.


Program Description

Tailored Educational Experience:

  • 10 professional development webinars with top leaders in the field of Israel engagement
  • Access to all of Unpacked for Educators premium educational content including:
    • Curricular outlines
    • Experiential learning activities
    • Full-length feature films
    • Three coaching calls with our education staff to help you implement learnings
    • Student ambassador program


Implementing in YOUR context:

Participate in the Unpacked for Educators Collaborative online reshet community of educators and schools from around the world, where educators connect, share and design Israel programs and curriculum together, applying the content from Unpacked for Educators to each specific schools’ needs.

Work with the Prizmah team to define your educational goals and create timelines for project benchmarks and completion.

Receive up to three one-on-one coaching calls with our educational staff, tailored for your specific school culture, context and needs.



Your school’s participation in the Unpacked for Educators Collaborative will be recognized by:

  • Public recognition of your school’s partnership in press releases and media outlets
  • A Certificate of Excellence in Israel Education for the participating educator upon completion of the program*

*subject to standards of participation (below)


Participation Standards:

  • Attend at least seven of the 10 webinars during the year
  • Appoint a teacher and student liaison from your school to define and work toward your educational goals
  • Use the content (videos, podcasts, articles, films, resources) that work for your educational setting (we recommend twice per month minimally)
  • Participate in our educational programs scheduled for November 2021 and the Yom “season” in 2022 (Yom Hashoah, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim)
  • Complete formative mid-year survey and a summative end-of-the-year teacher and student survey
  • Share your Unpacked Collaborative experience in a reshet group for the cohort
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