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The Whole Student

The Whole Student

One way that day schools stand out is the attention they can provide to each and every student, as expressed in the classic line from Proverbs, “Educate the youth according to his or her path.” Authors here offer numerous ways for schools to address the multi-faceted student to ensure that s/he is nurtured academically, spiritually, creatively and socially. 

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“I Have Chosen the Path of Emunah”: Seeing the Whole Child

by Rabbi Daniel Siegel Nov 30, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: StudentsLeadership

By studying Jewish teachings about emunah, teachers can nourish student faith in themselves and their own faith in their students.

Four Steps to Building an Army of Student Advocates

by Jim Blankstein Nov 30, 2012

A school has no more effective advocate than a thoughtful, well spoken, passionate student. Blankstein encourages schools to plan ways to reap the benefits of student advocacy.

Secure Attachment: A New Cornerstone for Learning

by Elana Katz Nov 30, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: StudentsInclusivity

The author offers a tool from the field of therapy to help schools grasp the relation between students’ emotional needs and their success as learners.

Jewish Differentiation

by Dr. Bryan Conyer Nov 30, 2012
RELATED TOPICS: StudentsPluralism

In some community day schools, a gap in expectations and mutual comprehension between teachers and students creates frustration and dissatisfaction for all. Conyer suggests strategies for changing this pivotal relationship.

Listening to Students’ Voices

by Sivan Zakai Nov 30, 2012

Zakai interviewed high school students to understand what they get out of their day school education. This article presents her discoveries and suggestions for how schools can tap into student motivation.

Good & Welfare

by RAVSAK Nov 30, 2012

Mazal Tov to Tehiyah Day School in El Cerrito, CA, on being selected by the U.S. Department of Education as a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School. Tehiyah is only one of 50 private schools nationwide to be selected, and the only Jewish school to have been awarded this prestigious honor. Tehiyah was recognized in the category “Exemplary High Performing School.” Tehiyah is one of only two California schools to receive the award.