Prizmah offers an array of programs and services to meet the needs of your school and community. Our uniquely curated portfolio is designed with the recognition that there are key issues facing the Jewish day school field, and that every school is unique. Our approach takes into consideration size, budget, location, and ideology as well as all other components that complete the makeup of your school.

Prizmah Programs

Catalyzing Resources
Prizmah is partnering with schools and communities to generate $1B in new, sustainable revenue, supporting schools to secure the funding necessary to flourish.

For more information contact Dan Perla

Deepening Talent
Prizmah knows that talent drives excellence in Jewish day schools. By targeting our support on strengthening professional and lay leadership, we can help school leaders create the environments that enable teachers, staff, and volunteers to unlock their fullest potential and inspire learning and development for students.

For more information contact Ilisa Cappell

Educational Innovation
Prizmah is fostering a culture and practice of continuous improvement and experimentation in the learning environment, helping schools create and implement new incremental and game-changing teaching and learning opportunities that empower students to thrive.

For more information contact Marc Wolf

Network to Learn
Prizmah is enabling schools and communities to connect, share, learn, create, and drive impact, individually and collectively.

For more information contact Debra Shaffer Seeman


Prizmah Services

(for Canadian Schools only)

Our accreditation team will work with your school to grant a five year accreditation. Our process will support a full school self-study that will culminate in a 2 1/2 day site visit to your campus and a comprehensive final report.

For more information contact Amy Wasser.

Board Retreat Facilitation

An annual board retreat is an opportunity to bring your team together, celebrate accomplishments, identify future opportunities, and set clear, action-focused goals. A Prizmah governance consultant will work with your board to design and facilitate a well-defined and results-oriented board retreat (half-day or full-day).

For more information contact Traci Stratford.

Consulting to Enhance School Culture

Prizmah consultants will work with your team to define and refine your school’s culture based on your mission, your values and the vision you have for your school. We will help you answer questions like: How do you develop and maintain a positive school culture? What behaviors define the culture of your school and how can you develop a school culture that is strong and positive? This work can be done with your leadership team or with your entire staff.

For more information contact Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch.

Consulting for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a systematic process through which your school identifies, prioritizes and commits to goals that are essential to fulfilling your mission. Strategic planning addresses four key questions: Where are we now? Where do we want to be in the future? What changes need to happen to get us to where we want to be? And most importantly, how do we make this happen?

The resulting plan is the goal-driven focus that guides decision-making for a 3 - 5 year period. A well-executed strategic plan has tremendous impact for your school. The Prizmah team will partner with your strategic planning committee to formulate the best path for your program and goals.

For more information contact Dan Perla.

Governance Coaching

Professional development for educational leaders is crucial to the strength of a school and its academic programs, and board leaders and their schools benefit from coaching as well. Our coaching and support is designed for all board members, with an added focus on board and committee chairs. Topics covered may include: boards' roles and responsibilities; the board chair and head of school relationship; the board’s role in fundraising and development; committee structures; and board ambassadorship. Prizmah can work with your school to focus on one or more of these areas in a tailored approach to growing your school’s governance abilities.

For more information contact Traci Stratford.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership can be rewarding and invigorating, complex and challenging, and sometimes lonely. Our day school leaders who have had the benefit of individualized coaching can attest to the transformative effect that it has had on their careers. Coaching has become the preferred method for supporting our day school leaders in their work, and the Prizmah Coaching Institute brings the benefits of coaching to you and your school leader in three unique ways: FIT, EXPERIENCE, and RESOURCES.

For more Information contact Ilisa Cappell.

Leadership Search

Exceptional school leadership is the cornerstone of a school’s success. Prizmah’s search process will deliver a customized search and transition plan that will go beyond the hiring process. By engaging with your community, we help you create a process and an atmosphere that will not only allow you to find the best candidates for your position, but also set the new principal or head of school to excel and lengthen their tenure, strengthening your overall program.

For more information contact Amy Wasser.

Professional Development Planning and Execution

Prizmah consultants will work with the leadership teams of schools to develop professional development plans with attainable and meaningful goals. Prizmah consultants will help schools meet their professional development goals to support leaders as they plan for teacher growth. The professional development plan will be customized to meet the needs of each school and to reflect the school’s mission and vision. Topics may include:

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Professionalizing teaching through team building, designing faculty meetings, and protocols to grow teaching teams

  • Assessment

  • Incorporating technology into units of study

For more information contact Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch.

School Assessments

Successful schools thrive in an environment of continuous growth. Prizmah will partner with your professional and lay leadership to gain insight into areas of your program that can be enhanced to promote steady success. We will customize our visit to meet your unique needs through the lens of your school’s culture and community.

For more information contact Amy Wasser.