Jewish Day School of the Future

Jewish Education Innovation Challenge together with Prizmah
KC Topics: 
Thought Leadership, Vision/ Direction Setting


A collaboration between JEIC, the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge, of the Mayberg Foundation, and Prizmah.

This series represents a partnership between JEIC and Prizmah. It grew out of a collaboration at the 2019 Prizmah Conference, where JEIC ran Listening Booths in which 52 participants shared their dream for Jewish day schools. The article by Sharon Freundel, JEIC's managing director, below from the fall issue of HaYidion explains the background of this series and reveals results from a study of this work that JEIC conducted. The first post, written by Manette Mayberg, trustee of the Mayberg Foundation, contributes her vision of day schools as a GPS, God-Powered School.