Special Needs

Special Needs

Schools increasingly need to be aware of a growing range of conditions and challenges that students confront. These challenges present school leaders with numerous considerations at various levels: funding, admissions, staffing, curriculum, health care and more. This pioneering issue serves as a roadmap for leaders as they navigate this complex terrain.

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Spring 2011
HaYidion Special Needs Spring 2011

Articles From This Issue

  • A School within a School
    Linda Zimmerman
  • What Can Schools Learn from Summer Camps About Special Education?
    David Soloff, Ralph Schwartz, and Linda Hoffenberg
  • Enemies a Love Story: The Family’s Perspective
    David Kalb
  • Bound to Succeed: Building Parent-Professional Collaboration
    Shelly Christensen
  • Partnering with Parents to Turn Vision into Reality
    Mariashi Groner
  • Inclusion Done Right—From the Top Down
    Abbie Weisberg and Heather Tratt
  • Proactively Meeting the Needs of All Students in Day School
    Sandy Miller-Jacobs
  • A Team Approach to Supporting Individualized Learning Needs
    Lenore Layman
  • From the Editor
    Barbara Davis
  • Inclusion for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Candice Baugh and Elizabeth Roberts
  • From the Desk of Arnee Winshall, RAVSAK Chair
    Arnee Winshall
  • ADHD: What Teachers Need to Know
    Melanie Fernandez
  • The Psychology of Mainstreaming
    Refael S. Feuerstein
  • Teaching Inclusion: The Whys and Hows
    Ruth Gorrin
  • Special Education in Jewish Day Schools: Lessons from the Public School Experience
    Alan Oliff
  • Bookcase
    RAVSAK Staff
  • To Include or Not? The Day School Dilemma
    Beverly Bernstein
  • Funding Special Education: New Opportunities
    Gail Norry
  • Raising Awareness, Changing Attitudes: The Time Is Now
    Dori Frumin Kirshner and Meredith Englander Polsky
  • The Community Model for Special Education Services
    Arlene Remz and Sue Schweber