Teacher Retention & Development

Winter 2008

Teacher Retention & Development

About This Issue
HaYidion Teacher Retention & Development Winter 2008

Teachers are the most precious resource of any school. The measure of a great school is its ability to recruit and retain great teachers who know their subject and craft, care deeply about all their students, and are passionately committed to their own development and the school as a community. Here, find guidance for finding, preparing and evaluating teachers, and keeping them happy and productive stakeholders.

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Articles From This Issue

  • From the Editor
    Dr. Barbara Davis
  • Against Mentorship: Teacher Induction through Collaboration
    Harry K. Wong
  • From the Desk of Susan Weintrob, RAVSAK President
    Susan Weintrob
  • Action Research: A Method for Improving Teaching and Developing School Culture
    Richard Sagor
  • What Do Teachers Want? Strategies for Keeping Your Best Teachers Happy and Growing
    Peter Gow
  • Change Leadership: Re-thinking Pay for Performance
    Patrick F. Bassett
  • How Important is Salary?
    Dr. Jeffrey S. Kress
  • The Case for Certification of Teachers in Jewish Schools
    Dr. Wallace Greene
  • Finding and Creating Good Teachers: What Does the Research Tell Us?
    Michael B. Allen and Daniel W. Bennett
  • A Model Program for Preparing and Launching Novice Judaics Teachers
    Dr. Judy Markose and Dr. Susan Wall
  • Developmental Ladder for Students and Teachers in a Jewish Day School
    Dr. Richard Solomon
  • Training Students to Become Jewish Educators
    Ari Y. Goldberg and Ruth Schapira
  • School-Based Induction Helps New Teachers Thrive
    Sharon Feiman-Nemser and Vivian Troen
  • A Ritual for Welcoming Teachers to Jewish Day Schools
    Rabbi Jill Hammer
  • Board Members Take Note: Investing in Teacher Development Pays Dividends
    Sarah Birkeland
  • Differentiating Teachers’ Performance: Tips from the Corporate World
    Rebecca Cole Lurie
  • Toss the Toolbox: Alternative Approaches to Professional Development
    Joni Kolman
  • Professional Development in Jewish History
    Yona Shem-Tov
  • School-based Mentoring: Principles to Live By
    Deborah Court