Deepening Talent

Summer 2019
קיץ תשע״ט

Deepening Talent

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From the CEO: Deepening Jewish Day School Leadership

Paul Bernstein
In 1997, McKinsey & Co. published a groundbreaking study of corporations that led to the 2001 book The War for Talent. The book created a buzz (not without some controversy) and changed common parlance; whereas “talent” once described Olympic athletes or Hollywood actors, employees at all levels...

Board Chairs: Leading With Meaning, Leading With Confidence

Ann Pava, Board Chair
Let all those who occupy themselves with the business of the community do so only for the sake of heaven, for the merit of their ancestors will sustain them and their devotion, too, will endure forever. Pirkei Avot 2:2 Many years ago I came across a book by Gerald B. Bubis titled The Director had a...

Teacher Research as a Pathway to Professional Growth

Jonah Hassenfeld
There are two basic methods of educational research. Quantitative methods analyze large numbers of students to study causes and effects. What teacher practices, for example, improve student outcomes? Researchers plan interventions, create control and experimental groups, and compare the results...
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From the Editor: Deepening Talent

Elliott Rabin, Editor

The word “talent” derived from a Greek term meaning balance or weight, and in Latin a talent came to mean a significant weight—some 60 to 80 pounds—of silver. Only in the Middle Ages did the current meaning of innate ability become standard. Talent is like an amount of money received at birth, the idea being that different people are endowed with different talents, and different amounts of talent. The word suggests that talent is an inheritance for its possessor to use.

The Hebrew term for...

About This Issue
HaYidion Deepening Summer 2019

Jewish day schools are ecosystems that cultivate growth and vitality for all its stakeholders, from students to board members. In this issue, you will discover ways to recruit, preserve and deepen the talent in your school. Learn about the shifting paradigm of professional development, from individual study to a culture of collaborative exploration. Articles offer inspiration for schools throughout the field to support the abundant talent found in their midst.

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Articles From This Issue

  • ST2EM: STEM Squared with Torah
    Dr. Christine L. Coleman, Rabbi Yonah Krainess
  • SPOTLIGHT ON Interning at Prizmah
    Hallie Chandler
  • Technology in a Jewish Studies Classroom
    Bracha Dror
  • Commentary: Leading with Integrity
  • Machar: Cultivating New Day School Professionals
    Carl Haber
  • Reshet Roundup: Space Between Floors--Conference Networking
    Yael Buechler, Lower School Rabbi-in-Residence
  • Build Them, Don’t Buy Them: Cultivating Excellence in Novice Teachers
    Maury Grebenau
  • The Advice Booth: Supporting a Struggling Teacher
    Daniel Weinberg, Associate Director for Educational Innovation
  • Research on Supporting New Teachers
    Deena Rabinovitch
  • Board Chairs: Leading With Meaning, Leading With Confidence
    Ann Pava, Board Chair
  • Haredi Women School Leaders
    Zipora Schorr and Barbara Sheklin Davis
  • Orientation, Enculturation and Retention of Newcomers to Your School
    Darin Katz, Rachel Lerner
  • From the CEO: Deepening Jewish Day School Leadership
    Paul Bernstein
  • Mindful Leaders Foster Mindful Learners
    Jenny Wechter
  • A Culture of Trust Deepens Talent
    Joshua Wise
  • From the Editor: Deepening Talent
    Elliott Rabin, Editor
  • Faculty Health and Wellness
    Dr. Steven Levey
  • Building a Culture of Excellence
    Rebecca Lurie
  • The Master’s Degree as a Way to Deepen the Talent and Motivation of Teachers
    Michael Shire, Deborah Skolnick Einhorn
  • When We Agree and When We Argue: How Does Dialogue Deepen Learning Among Colleagues?
    Lauren Applebaum
  • Reimagining Modern Hebrew Instruction
    Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg
  • Developing Talent Through Relationships
    Miriam Raider-Roth
  • Professional Excellence: Recruiting and Retaining Top-Notch Faculty
    Tali Benjamin
  • Better Teaching Through Data
    David A. Farbman
  • Teacher Research as a Pathway to Professional Growth
    Jonah Hassenfeld
  • Sit Next to Me: An Invitation for Second-Stage Mentoring
    Erica Brown
  • Maker Education as a Tool to Deepen Talent
    Dawn Straith
  • How Would your Day School Board Perform on a Stress Test?
    Alicia S. Oberman
  • Checking In
    Natalie Williams
  • Cultivating Relationships, Within Schools and Across the Field
    Ilisa Cappell
  • STEAM for Tikkun Olam: Harnessing Creativity and Innovation to Change the World
    Iris Glaser
  • On My Nightstand: Brief reviews of books that Prizmah staff are reading
    Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch, Amy Wasser, Joshua Levisohn, Elliott Rabin
  • Developing Storytelling Artists
    Mindy Civan
  • Research Corner: Prizmah's Knowledge Center--A Treasure for Day School Leaders
    Odelia Epstein